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Effective May 10, 2021, the Wrightwood Community Building will be opening up our hours to 8am – 1pm.  We are taking rental applications and softball signups are currently going on.  The Community Building is open 8am – 11am currently, but we are excited to go back to a “normal” schedule.  Face masks are still required


The Wrightwood Community Building is open again but under strict protocols.  Staff is available Monday-Friday 8am – 11am currently but as the state continues to open, more hours will be added.  We are currently taking rental applications but gatherings are limited to 40 socially distanced and masked people. As the state and county advance through

Snow play weekend

Due to our snowfall, expect snow players this weekend. If you have issues and are on any street but Highway 2, call the Sheriff. The more calls logged, the more help we will get. San Bernardino County call 760-245-4211. Los Angeles County call 661-272-2400. For problems on Highway 2, call the CHP at 760-241-1186. Remember

Trash Pickup and Recycling

Just a reminder, now that CR&R is picking up recycling separate from regular trash, we are hearing that customers are putting regular trash in the recycle bin.  If regular trash is in with the recycling, the recycling may not be completed.  In addition, construction related materials (rocks, concrete, dirt, etc.) are being put into the

Dump Card Design Contest

The Wrightwood CSD is running a contest for the design of the 2021-2022 dump cards.  We are going to look at photographs, original artwork and original graphic designs to feature on next year’s dump cards.  All submissions need to be original work without a copyright.  Submissions will be taken through January 15, 2021 and will

Community Building Rental

The Board is accepting plans for renting the Community Building during this time. Please remember that rentals will need to be approved by the Board and need to conform to San Bernardino County Covid19 guidelines (limits on gathering size, social distancing, and the wearing of masks). For more information please call 760-249-3205.

Google Earth Fire Map

Please use the below link to check the fire status,  In addition, please check the Wrightwood Forum for updated information (

CSD Grant Poll

During the Standing Committee meetings, several people requested an online poll in regards to projects the CSD could do with the grant money.  Please click on the below link to access the survey.