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The Wrightwood CSD has closed the Community Building, Parks (including Skate Park), and Firehouse until further notice. We are doing this to protect our family, friends, and neighbors. The Board voted to exempt the Farmer’s Market and Tri Community Co-op as they provide food shopping opportunities. Dump cards are still available by calling 760-249-3205 but

Playgrounds are open

The Wrightwood CSD has voted to open the Playgrounds. Currently, all parks and playgrounds are now open. The Community Building is closed at this time, but exceptions maybe made. Please call 760-249-3205 for more information.

Parks & Recreation

Acquires, constructs, improves, maintains, and operates recreation facilities, including, but not limited to, parks and open space, in the same manner as a recreation and park district formed pursuant to the Recreation and Park District Law (commencing with Section 5780) of the Public Resources Code (§61100f)). Events & Activities All parks are open from Dawn


WELCOME TO WRIGHTWOOD CSD   The Wrightwood Community Services District (WCSD) was formed on July 1, 2017 to establish local control of Parks and Recreation, Street Lights, Solid Waste and Waste Water powers. A small portion of property taxes already collected from the San Bernardino County and Los Angeles County are given directly to the